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The world’s finest cherries, the perfect summer fruit, are produced in Central Otago, New Zealand. A Central Otago Premium Cherry is a moment of pure indulgence.

Central Otago Premium Cherries

The world’s finest cherries—the perfect summer fruit—are produced in Central Otago, New Zealand, where most of New Zealand’s cherry crop is grown. Often referred to as nature’s confectionery – savouring the intense flavour and fresh sweetness of a Central Otago Premium Cherry is a moment of pure indulgence.

In Central Otago, the semi-arid, Mediterranean climate delivers a bold, complex sweetness. Cherries thrive in this land of diverse seasonal contrasts and climatic extremes where distinctive schist soils are fed by clear, deep sparkling waters.

This natural advantage is complemented by the hard work, knowledge and intuition of generations of hardworking orchardists.

Growing the perfect cherry - such excellence does not come easy. Producing cherries is risky, tough and not for the fainthearted – in minutes an unseasonal rain or hailstorm can damage a precious crop.

Orchardists precisely manage factors such as crop load, the amount of light a tree receives, nutrition and irrigation. Routine tasks such as pruning, trimming, fertilising and planting follow the dance of the seasons. Cold, frosty winters purify the land before pretty, light- hearted spring blossom appears. Then over long, sun-drenched summer days, the cherries slowly ripen, their natural sugars intensified by cooler, softer evenings.

In the cool of an early summer morning, the orchardists’ reward is realised when only the very best cherries are picked for export. Untouched by human hands, the finest fruit is picked, packed and dispatched within 24 hours.

Central Otago Premium Cherries are grown in the region and sold in New Zealand as well as shipped to South East Asia, China and the United States where they are a delicacy often presented as a prestigious gift. From the delightful crunch of the first bite to the flavourful sweetness that lingers – a Central Otago Premium Cherry is a moment of pure indulgence.

Capture this rare taste of perfection that’s available for only a few months each year.

Central Otago Cherries