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Our Partners

Central Otago Premium Fruit Limited has partnered with several companies to take their brand to the world.

Our Partners

Central Otago Premium Fruit Limited has partnered with several companies to take their brand to the world. These include:


RD8 Fresh Produce

RD8 Fresh Produce is a successful fresh produce export company utilising the most efficient supply chain structure to send the highest quality New Zealand fruit to overseas buyers. RD8 Fresh Produce offer suppliers and customers the opportunity to work closely with the people driving our business on a day-to- day basis. It’s this connected point of difference, along with a strong background in produce knowledge, innovation, logistics, supply chain management and a real understanding of our customers’ and suppliers’ needs, that sets us apart.

RD8 Fresh Produce partner exclusively with leading New Zealand growers producing the highest quality fruit. Hence their relationship with Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd. This partnership enables the customer to trust that when they order with RD8 they will get exactly what they want each and every time, on time, and to the highest possible standards. Both teams are committed to excellence.

Craig Hall, Managing Director says, “the pure, unspoiled environment in which the fruit is grown and then exported overseas is best described as “pure source”. Fresh water and soil leads to outstanding tree health and the tastiest fruit available.”

RD8 Fresh Produce export Central Otago Premium Fruit apricots and cherries to the United States and export the brand to Vietnam and Malaysia.

RD8 Fresh Produce


Foodview is the exclusive China marketer for the Central Otago Fruit Cherry Brand owned by Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd. The 2017-18 season is the fourth season that Foodview and Central Otago Premium Fruit have had a partnership in supplying cherries into China.

Foodview is proud to be working with a group of growers who are equally passionate about growing the world’s best cherries and have the vision to work with a marketing company to build a brand with consumers.

Foodview has its own people permanently in-market to offer a unique service: managing quality ‘door to door’ and engaging directly with customers. Being in-market in China means that Foodview communicates with Chinese consumers in their language.

Foodview was established in 2013. Its head office is in Auckland, and it has offices in Cromwell, Tauranga, Shanghai and Houston. Its three co-founder/directors are Sue Carter, Zefei Zhou and John Miller.


MG Marketing

MG Marketing is the trading name for Market Gardners Ltd, founded in 1923 by a group of independently minded vegetable growers in Wellington. They represent a co-operative of grower shareholders.

Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd has a partnership with MG Marketing to supply and market cherries and apricots in New Zealand.  The Central Otago Premium cherry brand can be purchased in selected Countdown, New World and independent retailers. The apricot brand can be purchased through selected New World and independent retailers.

MG Marketing

45 South Management Ltd

45 South is not only New Zealand’s largest grower and packer of fresh cherries, 45 South also holds its own export license and is one of New Zealand’s largest fresh Cherry exporters.

45 South has a company philosophy of doing everything possible to grow the best cherries in the world. This is achieved by growing the best cherry varieties in the best locations on the newest growing systems, we have invested heavily in our packhouse which runs two state of the art optical graders, this guarantees only the highest quality cherries make it into our export boxes.

45 South is leading the way with innovative packaging and supply chain management, we strive to ensure our cherries are the freshest to market.

Being the Grower, Packer and Exporter puts 45 South in a strong position to deliver exceptionally high-quality fruit to its customers around the world.

45 South export in the Central Otago Premium Cherry Brand to Taiwan. The brand is available the Carrefour supermarket chain in Taiwan.

45 South Management Ltd

Central Otago - A World Of Difference

Imagine Central Otago as a vast land of uncompromising beauty. People with noble hearts, strength, bravery, ingenuity, high spirits, freedom and pride that soars. A place that attracts new thinking. Central Otago will be a better world for those that succeed us.

Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd has partnered with Central Otago – A World of Difference as we believe in the vision.  We have a love for this place of uncompromising beauty and a loyalty to Central Otago and its unique attributes.  It is through this uniqueness that we can grow the world’s best cherries and apricots.  We are proud to care for this place – its land and its people.

Central Otago - A World Of Difference

Central Otago District Council

Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd has a partnership with the Central Otago District Council.  Central Otago District Council is the local government authority for the region. This relationship and endorsement of the Central Otago Premium Fruit Ltd products provides assurance in export markets that the fruit purchased has an established provenance and meets high quality standards.

Central Otago District Council